The Details: 

When: June 11-12 

Where: Frances Kahn Richmond

What is Happening?

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding a special trunk show at the Frances Kahn Richmond store on the weekend of June 11-12 featuring the Fall and Winter 2021 collections from Tom and Linda Platt. 

If you have a special event, wedding, anniversary, or other formal occasion coming up, then this is the show you don't want to miss! Browse a fantastic selection of cocktail dresses and gowns in Tom and Linda's signature myriad of colors from the ordinary to the extraordinary. 

The Back Story:

Tom and Linda are a married couple based in New York City, who work collaboratively to create unique collections. Tom and Linda met in Art School at Pratt Institute and fell in love making a dress together as their first date. They have been living together in creative communion ever since. The Collection is a collaborative effort between the two – bringing a "Binary" point of view to the clothes they design. When asked about the design process, the couple commented, "creating clothing can be a "Mind-Altering" experience, and having New York as a backdrop is totally electrifying… BUT truth be told, their ongoing inspiration is that Linda ALWAYS needs something new to wear…." The clothes in the Collection are real Chameleons and are equally at home in Peoria or Paris. Never ones to conform to widespread norms, Tom and Linda prefer the perspective that trends are like a whisper of vermouth over a martini... gone in an instant. Tom and Linda are great believers in simple, timeless clothes that transcend the “Trend du Jour".

Why Now?

At Frances Kahn, we believe that clothing and fashion should be a celebration of life and all the beautiful moments that bring us together. As we begin to return to normal, we believe it is vital that you are excited about what you wear. A brighter future is rapidly approaching, and this trunk show is the perfect foray into the beautiful world as we know it. 

June 02, 2021 — Rusty Lester
Tags: Trunk Show