Beyond the Brand

Bitte Kai Rand

Bitte Kai Rand has been a directional Danish fashion house since 1981. They continue to embrace a larger than life aesthetic rooted in eight keywords and one strong vision: Dressing for every day should be pleasurable, easy, comfortable and fun. The Bitte Kai Rand sensibility is not for the timid wallflower or the conservative dresser. They create clothes that are meant to make you feel strong, confident and carefree.

Since 1981

An Exceptional Journey

Bitte Kai Rand was founded in 1981 by the eponymous designer who, fresh out of the Royal Danish Design Academy, acquired the most prolific Danish knitting workshop of the time, "Steen's hjemmestrikkerier", and quickly became Copenhagen’s equivalent to Sonia Rykiel in Paris. All items were made to order and the designer got a firm grasp on what customers require from their clothes and how to fit clothes to real bodies rather than standard shapes. “I didn’t have a strategy or a goal. I never made a business plan. I just loved going to work every day,” remembers Bitte Kai Rand.

Fortunately, her husband, Michael Rand, had an eye for Bitte's potential as well as her talent.

In 1983 he joined the company and together they created the long-lasting success that has brought the special Bitte design sensibility to style-savvy women all over the world - long before "Scandi Cool" was even a fashion term.

  A few years in, the creative director learned how to scale her supply to demand, and soon became a household name in the most prestigious fashion outlets in Denmark as well as in department stores and design boutiques in Stockholm, Oslo, London, New York, and Antwerp.