Marie Saint Pierre

The Artist

Marie Saint Pierre has been at the realm of her fashion label for over 32 years, crafting moulding and perfecting her creative process, whilst continuously building an infrastructure to house it all. From creating new textiles to pushing the boundaries of volume, composition and technique, she has always been a strong believer in craftsmanship and quality over trend. Education and sharing of knowledge and expertise is at the base of her values, as she quietly moulds the future talents of our industry. Merging art and commerce, a Marie Saint Pierre piece is a testament to the notion of time, transcending seasonality and becoming staples of confidence and poise.

An Exceptional Journey

A leading pioneer in the Canadian fashion scene, Marie Saint Pierre remains at the top of her game after her 30-year journey. A remarkable achievement in a domain that today rejects what it adored yesterday. Throughout her career, Marie Saint Pierre received numerous awards, grants and rewards for her creations, her entrepreneurial spirit and her commitment to the community. In 2007, she received the Knight of the National Order of Quebec, and it’s the title of Knight of the National Order of Canada and the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal that is awarded to her in 2012. The first fashion designer to be admitted to the Arts Academy of Canada. In 2018, the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards honored Marie Saint Pierre with the Women’s fashion Designerof the Year award during its 5th annual gala. This year, she will receive the Meritorious Service Medal awarded to her by the Governor General of Canada.