About the Brand

Cinzia Rocca

Cinzia Rocca is defined as a 300 tailors company. In Dello (Brescia), the tailoring process is a combination of mechansied phases, diligent and handcrafted procedures up to the pure "handmade". The product makes the difference. The uniqueness emerges from the details, the colors are notable for the vibrancy the stock-dyeing gives, the excellence comes out from the precision of the stitchings and from the textile and sartorial choosen techniques.

Cashmere, alpaca, mohair, camel hair, babyllama

Fabric and Manufacturing

Cinzia Rocca means precious yarns and fabrics. The garments are designed and made from a careful selection of textile fibers which results in the highest quality creations. The use of such high quality fabrics determines the shape, color, feel, and durability of each piece for years to come.

The collection provides options enriched with the value of noble fibers, sometimes rare; materials imported from areas of their origin. Warm wools from the Himalayas and Vicuña, Queen of the Andes; precious materials from India and Mongolia to name a few, all meet in Italy with the wisdom of the weavers and tailors who work with them.
Working with noble fabrics has allowed a high degree of specialisation, guaranteeing lightness and softness to the garments. The tailoring process is a combination of mechanized phases with some garments being finished by hand.

This is only possible with a highly specialised manpower that has 60 years of experience. "An industry of 300 tailors" best describes the characteristics of a brand that makes the difference; the true supporter of the best in Italian craftsmanship in the world.