Tom & Linda Platt


About the Brand

Tom & Linda Platt

They are the MOST UNITED couple there is. Tom and Linda met in Art School at Pratt Institute, bonding over creating a dress together for their first date. They have shared a creative partnership ever since.

They motivate each other! Crafting clothing can be a transformative experience, with New York as a thrilling backdrop... However, their main inspiration remains Linda's constant need for new outfits...

The feeling that last season’s Collection is obsolete. Great clothes last forever!!!!


Who designs the Collection?

They BOTH do. This clothing line embodies a joint effort, showcasing a binary outlook in its design approach.

Where does anyone wear these clothes?

The apparel in the Collection are authentic Chameleons, equally fitting for Peoria or Paris.

How do the trends affect their Collection?

Trends are similar to a whisper of vermouth over a martini . . . fleeting. Tom and Linda espouse simple, timeless garments that transcend the “Trend du Jour”.

Why do they design these clothes?

Because they can!