About the Brand

Precision, simple anti-conformism, style at the service of the functionality of the product, obsessive attention to detail and the perfect fit; passion and devotion, courage and innovation, research and dexterity combined with the ethics of craftsmanship, respect for people and care for surroundings. This is Herno's philosophy, which gives substance and structure to all-Italian excellence.

Claudio Marenzi

Beyond The Brand

Claudio Marenzi was born in the 1960s, while the Herno factory was busy conquering the luxury goods market with an eye on Europe. During his childhood, he ran between the stream and the garden around the factory and played with cotton reels, paper patterns and fabrics. The company was a playground where tailors, designers and workers became an extended family. Sometimes, on a boring afternoon, little Claudio would fall asleep in the middle of metres of cashmere and wool that had been left lying around. Their strong smell, texture and pliability remain vivid in his memories, developing his sense of touch for fabrics, a particular sensitivity for beauty, quality, detail and good taste. Claudio Marenzi grew up learning how a product is created and completed and was able to admire its distinctive qualities. When he was just twenty, he joined the company and worked in production, then as a salesman before rising to the strategy department. He discovered the ethics of craftsmanship and, by following his father Giuseppe's example, understood how strong discipline and the sacrifice of his own time were the price to pay for a responsible entrepreneur, which also meant respecting people and increasing their skills by recognising their talents. It meant admitting the need for profound strategic changes, without disregarding past experiences.