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What’s more fragrant than jasmine? Sarah’s constantly on the quest to deliver a perfect white fabric each season, and this one exceeds expectations. It’s a classic cotton and linen blend that might seem subtle, but like the flower itself, it commands attention simply and confidently. Much like the delicate petals of its floral namesake, it embodies a timeless elegance that's impossible to ignore. Be intoxicating without having to say a word.

80% Cotton/20% Linen


The Weekend Shirt embodies the carefree spirit of Saturdays and Sundays that you will enjoy and wear 7 days a week. Dress it up or down with your favorite jeans, edgy leather pants or a chic pencil skirt—it’s your go-anywhere, do-anything shirt. Sartorially influenced by menswear, these designer shirts sport a two-piece collar, front pocket, and beveled placket and cuff buttons.